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34 Years experience in wire free/wired Alarms
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Our Services

Installations Assured Electronic Protection are  specialists in the installation of burglar alarms, known in 'the trade' and by police and insurers as “Intruder Alarms”. Alun Jenkins has installed around three thousand security systems over 30 years. Residential systems are tailored to the customer’s needs – special consideration being given to lifestyle and the level of security appropriate.

Similarly commercial premises are risk assessed, taking into consideration the construction of the premises, stock held, tools and security of staff and their personal belongings.

Usually, European Grade 2 meets all requirements but Grade 3 (which is higher) may be needed. Grade 1 is reserved for DIY/local electricians etc. and is not used by professional alarm installers.

Traditional wired systems (all devices connected by cables) are still available but these days the latest, now well proven wire-free systems are the norm (all devices operating and connected by radio), with setting and unsetting by using a hand held fob or keyring proximity tag. These wire free systems result in fast, clean fitting with no floorboards/carpets to be raised and no disruption to décor.

All systems can be connected to a 24hr Monitoring Centre for £2.00 a week or, the system itself can phone/text selected phone numbers without incurring monitoring fees.

Upgrades Assured Electronic Protection will attend your premises (initial visit is completely free) at your request and advise you if your existing, perhaps old, system would benefit from upgrading. We will attempt to upgrade/repair/replace equipment where practicable or provide you with a free design and quotation for a new system conforming to new European Standards.

Replacement Batteries Assured Electronic Protection will visit your premises free of charge to test your control panel main standby battery. Batteries FOUR years old or more will almost certainly need replacing. People who don’t have a maintenance/service contract in place always neglect their battery! An old battery, flat or low in capacity will NOT sustain your system in the event of a power cut and will cause your external sounder to activate, upsetting neighbours and could get you a summons! It may leak acid gel, causing damage to the control panel (and perhaps a carpet!) and give off an unpleasant smell and toxic fumes. It will certainly get hot and waste mains electricity as your control panel struggles to charge it up! Assured Electronic Protection always carry  all three usually used battery types and sizes in the van.

Service, Maintenance and Call Out Agreement A service contract is a very good idea and really essential for peace of mind. One is often insisted upon as an insurance requirement – (ask for a 20% discount!!!). It’s worth a try? Also included is a 24/7 ‘helpline’ where you can speak to an engineer. If we can’t help you on the phone we will visit same day. We will also visit you once a year and perform the service checklist recommended by European Standards. Total peace of mind!

Door Entry Control Systems These are known in ‘the trade’ as ‘Access Control’ These systems make sure that anyone entering your premises is an authorised person (You will have given them a code or a fob/tag). Strangers will need to press a buzzer and speak into a weatherproof microphone OUTSIDE. Once you are satisfied who they are you can press the electric lock release button on the internal handset and let them in.

Offices/industrial units and ‘backrooms’ in shops are often a target for ‘walk-in’ burglaries. While the receptionist/staff are distracted, handbags, smartphones and laptops tend to ‘disappear’ off desks. Wallets ‘disappear’ from jackets draped over office chairs. We have seen it all and have helped to prevent it happening again for many customers in the past.

Power Failures Loss of Freezer Contents We have often been phoned by customers whose ‘trip’ has operated, removing the mains electricity from the building. Your ‘trip’ is an RCD (Residual Current Device) – a safety precaution BUT your freezer will need electricity restored ASAP so you need to know ASAP.

A Mobeye Powerguard Unit will report power outages to you by phone call and Text. We remember a customer stranded in Boston Airport USA when his electricity at home here tripped. He was able to phone a neighbour – Upright Fridge/Chest freezer/Tropical Fish Tank – All saved!

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