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We are a small family run, intruder alarm installation firm based in Bridgend covering South Wales area. - Go To Our Home Page
34 Years experience in wire free/wired Alarms
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About us

Already a Certificated Electrical Installer since 1958, after leaving the police in 1981 after 22yrs with the rank of detective sergeant, Alun has installed around 2,850 burglar, fire, access control and nurse call systems in South Wales and just ‘over the bridge’.

Assured Electronic Protection operates a van fully equipped with all the necessary tools, test instruments and ladders, backed up by a private car suitably equipped for call outs.

Our Services We install new systems. We repair, if possible, or upgrade, aged systems installed by others and we replace standby batteries which many people neglect completely - until they leak and eat their way through the control panel?

We offer a service/maintenance & engineer call-out/24hr telephone helpline contract assuring the customer of an annual visit, a 24hr response and same day service. We also install door entry systems to stop walk -in thieves making off with laptops and/or handbags during the working day.
A word about residential burglar alarms All homes are a target for burglars. Good window and door locks are essential but given the opportunity and equipped with a simple tool a burglar WILL get in! Believe me!  An alarm system will deter him and scare him away if he attempts. An alarm system can ring your neighbour or a relative or a mobile phone or contact a monitoring centre. An alarm system will provide you with peace of mind while you are out/at work or shopping or when you are poolside in sunnier climes! A break-in is always stressful and upsetting especially for the lady of the house.

A word about commercial burglar alarms If you run a shop, a small industrial unit, or perhaps a garage or an office you are ALWAYS a target for intruders. They make it their business to know all about you and your movements. They attack on dark evenings, at night, at weekends and on Bank Holidays. A break-in is always destructive, always stressful and always takes time to get over it personally and business-wise.

A misconception Many people have told me (and still tell me).

Firstly “Oh I have nothing to steal!” Answer :- Rubbish – EVERYONE has something to steal.

Secondly “No one takes any notice anyway!” Answer :- The job of an alarm is to scare the intruder away (86% make off immediately) or to phone or text your neighbour etc. or contact a monitoring centre.

Contact Us!
Our NumberTel: +44(0)7831 347049 (24 hrs) Office: +44 (0)1554 771700

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